Podcast: it begins!

With more than 4000 users, slack is the biggest thing that happened to our community in like forever. It has redefined our way of working and communicating. Most if not all of the MacAdmins stars are there, including Rich Trouton, macmule, Pepijn Bruienne, Tim Sutton, Graham Gilbert.. The list is long. There’s also undercover legends, Apple employees, third party developers… It’s simply amazing. If you have not yet joined, please do. This is were magic happens. 

Some of these very fine individuals have put up a new podcast. Be sure to check it out


  • Tom Bridge, Partner at Technolutionary LLC [@tbridge]
  • Dr. Emily Kausalik, Help Desk Team Lead [@emilyooo]
  • Charles Edge, Director of Professional Services, JAMF Software, Proprietor of [@cedge318]
  • Adam Codega, IT Operations Leader for Upserve [@adamcodega]

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